when I first using edublogs I wasn’t very good at paragraphing. which made my blogs look weird. but now coming to the end of the year I have realized that my paragraphing has gotten a lot better.

seventh grade


Seventh grade has been an….interesting year.

When I first arrived at seventh grade I knew it would be hard. There was lots of homework. Math, Science, Texas History, and Spanish. soo much homework! I was up very late some nights till 11:30 once… I think, I was really tired.

The rest of seventh grade flew by. Let me tell you it was a breeze, except for those bumps and other stuff along the way it was pretty easy. I had an ok time but the work definatley made it harder. But life isn’t always going to be easy, it’s going to take work and a LOT of time.

Now coming to the end of the year I see that seventh grade was probably one of my hardest years but I know that there’s much more of that. seventh grade was a good experience and I learned a lot of things. Like how to proofread before I publish, and how to multiply negative fractions, and what heredity is. I learned lots of new things this year.


charmanders are red squirtles are blue. If you were a Pokemon, id chose you. your smile is stonger than a hyper beam, like Jesse and James we make the perfect team.

I’ll stay by your side like pikachu and ash, and I’ll love you more than a level 80 rapidash. you’re more legendary than zapados, entei or mew. but out of all 450. I chose you.

to me this poem is about staying alongside someone who you are very good friends with, or husband and wife, or just someone that means a lot to you. This is also one of my favorite poems in that it talks about my absolute obsession. Pokemon!



the more that you read the more things you’ll know, the more you learn the more places you’ll go.

– Dr. suess

to me this poem means to keep learning it will only help you, the more you learn the farther you’ll go in life.

My extremely blue blanky

My blue blanky. The one thing I couldn’t do without.

As a kid my blue blanky was priceless. It was super soft and the size of the blanket was allowing for a time to pretend that I was a super hero… “Super Riley to the rescue!” I had my blue blanky since I was about 2 and when I was 5 I “lost” it. Just the other day a thought came into my head- what if my parents took it to break our bond? I spent so much time with it maybe they thought that it was time for me to give it up.

My blue blanky was very important to me and I soon forgot about it after I lost it. But to this day I still kind of wish that I still had it but the thought of it brings back a good memory.

My favorite quote

“Work hard now and live the rest rest of your life as a champion” – Mohamed Ali

To me this quote means, work hard now because once you win you’ll be the best .
Once you do all the hard work there’s nothing else to do other than be a champion
And live your life in glory.

Pet Co

I walk in and the smell hits me in he face. The stench of the store. Not bad, not good but a familiar smell. pet co my favorite store.

All of the animals so loud. A cat, a dog, a parrot, an albino ferret, some fish, a gerbil, and more. pet co is so overwhelming with all the animals and fun animal toys to play with but, have you ever crawled into a dog house on the 3rd shelf, its fun if you haven’t tried I suggest that you do it but not when your parents are around.

This store is definatlely a store you should check out! You can help out and see lots of cool animals. Do yall think community service is fun… Nice.. Other thoughts?



My first soccer game back

Hugh Hugh Hugh I was panting hard and my hear was thumping so fast I thought that is was gonna jump out of my chest!

I was playing goalie and this was one of the first times that I have played goalie for our team and they didnt want me to play. I sure showed them.

Here! Riley! Punt it! I blasted it down the field and the other team got it…. Dangit! The were dribbling and one of their players was offsides. My team got a kick so I took it. It went unexpectedly far and our forward scored!

We ended up loosing 2-1 but never doubt things you aren’t sure about.


Splash! Spalsh! Over here pass the ball… Yea I got it!swimming is a blast.

One reason why swimming is the best is that you can swim virtually all year round…. Well in the winter its mostly hot tubbing but if you’re brave enough you still can get in the pool.

Another reason is that you can have parties and play fun games like Marco Polo, or sharks and minnows, or my favorite- keep away.

Swimming is the best. Especially because it’s all year round.

Pep Rallies

Wooooo! Yea!!! Go westridge! Tat was the cheerleaders doing their chant. Pep rallies are the best!

You get to miss class. How do you not like missing class? Wildcat Time is study hall, and I get to miss studying for that Spanish test.  Who could complain about that? Just sitting there doing boring work. Another annoying thing is that your anxious to leave and go to the pep rally.

The other best part is that you get to scream and shout at people. GO WESTRIDGE! Yeaaaaaaa! I dont know about yall but yelling while still in school is pretty fun cause you don’t get in trouble.

Pep rallies are funnifying. Ya’ll have to like them to… Right?